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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. (Simon Sinek)

“Leadership-Expert Andreas Grassberger was the first choice for us as a facilitator at our crisis management workshop in April 2018. He knows how to powerfully combine practice with theoretical background knowledge and how to present complex topics like team leadership and communication in a captivating way. In addition, his broad experience allows him to see team-communication processes clearly, how to reach people individually and thereby significantly improves the performance of teams.”

Lukas Wank, MSc
Managing Director, Think-Tank SHABKA & Political Advisor EUFOR Bosnia


"In his keynote presentation, Andreas Grassberger showed us how much communication and leadership influence our performance. As an expert in leadership, he was able to convey in an extremely inspiring and entertaining way the importance of emphatic communication in everyday business practice, especially under time pressure and with a high level of commitment."

Phillip Töbich, BA
Managing Partner, BPN-GROUP


"Andreas Grassberger combined well-founded theoretical background knowledge with application-related action examples and thus enabled the participants to reflect and optimize their own performance. Through the connection between theoretical depth and practical application, he not only emphasized the importance of empathic communication, but also impressively conveyed opportunities and potential for the design of team- and communication-processes."

Mag. Sandra Holub
Generalsekretärin, Österreichische Werbewissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Forum Marketing (WWG)



"Andreas understood how to coach me to gain clarity about my values and motivation in a time of serious private and professional change. Today I know better than ever, which qualities drive me and how I would like to be as human and as a leader. My professional options have become more diverse as a result."

Norbert Treitler
Business Unit Country Head, Coca-Cola

“Working with Andreas has not only been great professionally for me as to learn from his vast international experience, but also we were able to support clients with their leadership and other L&D needs, making many customers happy and contributing to their success. Andreas was an unquestionable and crucial piece for success to happen.”

Gia Helena Gutierrez
Leadership Expert, Speaker & Senior Coach


  • Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

  • Certified Workshop Facilitator (Ken Blenchard)

  • Certified Outdoor Trainer

  • High Performance Culture Coach (thoughtLEADERS,LCC)

  • 20 years of Leadership experience in various corporate branches from Project manager to CEO

  • Military Leadership experience proven by leading teams in international mission deployments

  • Navigating small and large organizations successfully through times of change

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