"A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other."


My experience in the world of military taught me a vital lesson: In the organizational DNA of all top-performing organizations, especially military intelligence and special forces, trust is deeply engraved. Agile leaders guide the way; their elite teams follow.

Today, I work with leaders from organizations such as OSCE and UN as well as with executives of international corporations, helping them develop a high-performance culture that inspires both their workforce and clients, and a mindset that makes an impact.


Creating an organizational environment where everyone feels safe can improve key performance indicators within a matter of months – and strong, resilient organizations survive every change or crisis.



Guidance and support for organizations and executives in times of change, difficult transition and the daily challenges of a fast-paced world through Coaching, Trainings, Workshop Facilitation and Keynotes.

  • I support leaders who want to discover their full potential

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  • Facilitating the topics that help executives to lead their tribe.

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  • Use my experience to increase your and your teams performance.

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  • The secrets of high-performing teams on and off the battlefield

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